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The key in planning for new tile flooring is identifying the particular aesthetic you're aiming for, selecting an appropriate tile type, and then finding the best quality for your application. Tile comes glazed and unglazed, textured or smooth, as well as with either square or round edges. Materials include ceramic, glass, and quarried rock such as slate, granite, or marble. Each requires a specific type of grout which may be an epoxy, sanded, or un-sanded type.


Like most building materials, tile comes different levels of quality with prices to match. However, the range of colors, shapes, patterns, and materials is nearly infinite. If you want a tile floor, it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to find a solution in your price range.

Care of Tile Floors

Tile floors are very durable, but depending on their finish and what they are made of, they may require extra care. Ceramic tile needs little more than a damp mopping and resealing of grout lines every year or so to look just fine. Some floors like saltillo are porous and need to be sealed regularly to prevent stains and wear marks. Contact us to learn more about different tile maintenance.

tile flooring

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